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bulletproof commissions review

If you are researching to find the answer to: Is Bulletproof Commissions scam? Is it the real deal, the money making method that you have been looking for, that will make you easy money fast?! Then you are at the right place.

Here, I will be providing an honest and unbiased review of Bulletproof Commissions, to reveal its secrets and how exactly it is going to work to earn you the commissions they promised. We will also explore whether this is the best way to make money online.

In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Bulletproof Commissions, through the following sections:

Bulletproof Commissions: Review Summary

Product: Bulletproof Commissions

Creators: Vick Carty and Robert Phillips

Product type: Funnels and training

Price: $9.95

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Bulletproof Commissions is basically a done for you sales funnel, some sales campaign of products in the internet marketing niche, with some training on email marketing, as well as training on free and paid traffic.

I do not recommend it because anything that is made to sound so easy, done in 3 steps (and the 3rd step is waiting for your commissions to roll in, mind you) is made to earn money only for the creators (and maybe their affiliates). There is no bulletproof method in this product, it is no different from any other hyped up products promising the moon but never able to deliver.

I would suggest you not waste time looking for easy ways to earn money, because success will never come if you take the easy way. If you are willing to stop chasing after programs that promise to earn you $19K a month in 3 simple steps, and willing to focus on one way: the proper way, I can help you by showing you the path that successful internet marketers have taken.

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Read on for the detailed review of Bulletproof Commissions, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Bulletproof Commissions

Information presented in promotional video and landing page

So it is a simple copy and paste method, with no experience or existing list required. No big budget, but with proven traffic sources, you can expect your first paycheck with 3 simple steps.


bulletproof commissions what is inside


So it is a legally and ethically stolen method from a top earning affiliate marketer, with his exact campaigns, emails, and marketing materials. He just makes 2 posts per day on a certain social media network, and is able to generate $100 to $1000 everyday!

Then they go on to show you income statements, which of course can be anybody’s, and those income may not have been generated using this product at all. Really, there is just no meaning to showing any income proof, except to lure the greedy side of humans out, to be tempted by those potential earnings.

The sales video and sales page of Bulletproof Commissions keep stressing on what a simple method this is, suitable for newbies with zero experience (ha, right… only because experienced marketers know this will not work). You can skip all the painful failure, wasting of time, energy and money, and jump right in to making some money for yourself!

Everything has been done for you (now targeting the human weakness of laziness): email swipes and marketing campaigns. It is fail proof, literally copy and paste, and you’re ready to make money in these 3 steps:

  1. Download your done for you campaigns
  2. Set up your done for you automated system
  3. Get traffic and profit.

No website or existing list needed, no experience, no big budget, no complicated funnels, works in any niche, and start earning from day 1.

bulletproof commissions members area

Inside the training, you will get

  • Bulletproof Commissions system: download your done for you campaign, and set up your email autoresponder with the email swipes, and access your done for you mini funnel (red flag here, I will go into details of this part in my next section)
  • Traffic training: social media and email marketing strategies for free traffic; Solo ads and Warrior Forum for paid traffic.

And then you also get your bonuses!

Bonus 1: live training call

Bonus 2: Done for you profit funnel

Bonus 3: Traffic now video training

Bonus 4: Evergreen free traffic Rolodex

Bonus 5: Life changing internet marketing strategies

It seems like you are getting a lot of stuff for the mere $10! But, read on before you click the button to make the purchase, because even one dollar is a dollar too much.


What Bulletproof Commissions really is, why it will not work for you

Why is everyone saying it is so fantastic?

First of all, as you do your research, I believe you would have seen lots of raving reviews for this product. Do not be taken in. Those are put up by the affiliates of Bulletproof Commissions, trying to sell as many copies of it as possible, to earn their commission. That is why they are offering their own bonuses, on top of those already included by the product creator. So that you would click through their affiliate links to purchase it, if you like their bonuses.

You would also realise those are not real reviews. None of them giving raving reviews have actually used the product to make money. They are simply regurgitating the original sales materials of Bulletproof Commissions, in a very detached way, but of course trying to sound as upbeat and enthusiastic about it as possible. And then they end up spending a lot more time promoting their own bonuses, precisely because they are in stiff competition to get the sales from you.

Sadly, this is how the internet marketing niche works. For majority of digital products trying to sell you a make money fast and easy program, it is all hyped up, they get their affiliates to do the same hype, make it look like the whole world is singing praises of this fantastic program, in a bid to lure newbies and make them part with their hard-earned money.

Bulletproof Commissions will sell very aggressively, because the product creators are giving 100% commission to their affiliates, on the front end product (the original product that costs $9.95). How do the creators make money then? Off the upsells! You can be sure they will create numerous upsells, at exorbitant prices, to feed their greed. Affiliates earn a certain percentage off these pricey upsells, so it’s a win-win for them, the only one to lose is you, if you actually buy their product.

Hidden cost

Remember the red flag I pointed out earlier, where you get some done for you mini funnel? To even access that, you first need to pay $297 to purchase Convertri! Convertri is a new funnel builder, and of course when you follow the training to purchase it, you will actually be clicking through the product creators’ affiliate links, allowing them to make another handsome commission off you!

This is an unnecessary tool, expensive because it is new, and can create nice and professional looking pages. There are many other landing page builders available for a much more affordable price. Moreover, a funnel builder is not something you require at the start of setting up your online business. You should focus on getting the basics right and building a strong foundation (more on that later), before the more advanced stuff come in.

Anything done for you is no good

Do not fall for done for you this, done for you that. Because in an online business, every niche is different. Every target audience is different. You will get to know your audience best, their needs, their preferences, their behaviour pattern, etc. Because you are the one building up your own business from scratch. Your fans would have been following you for whatever they like about you. So they know you, and you know them.

Create a brand that is your own, that speaks to you, so your fans love it too. When you use a done for you sales campaign, the pitch will sound wrong rightaway to your audience. They will know that is not you.

Especially make money digital product, you can be sure the sales pitch will be all hyped up and spammy. I don’t think you would want your audience to feel like they suddenly do not know you anymore.

The best form of free traffic is not taught to you

The traffic sources taught in this Bulletproof Commissions are not for beginning marketers. Social media traffic is mostly not targeted, because people go on social media platforms mainly to socialise. The conversion rates would be extremely low, no matter how well pitched your posts are.

To get more targeted traffic from social media, it has to be paid traffic. But this is certainly not something that newbies should dabble in, because it can burn a huge hole right through your pocket. Each social media platform is a steep learning curve, that takes time, experience and lots of money before you can finally know where to get your targeted audience.

Paid social media traffic is great for scaling up, after you have built up a solid base of free traffic that is earning you enough profits to invest a portion into learning about paid traffic.

The traffic I get on my websites is all absolutely free. What I do is focus on building up content, and search engines will reward me with free organic traffic. As I build up content, the foundation of my online business just gets stronger day by day. Eventually, I not only get free traffic that converts, because my content is the perfect match for what my visitors are looking for, what gets even better is that even when I ease up on my content building effort, search engines still keep on sending traffic to me!

And I would have built for myself a passive income stream! How does that sound?

This is exactly what successful internet marketers have done, and I know it works because I am seeing great results on my own websites. This is the proper way to make money online, that I wanted to show you:


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Pros of Bulletproof Commissions

1. Real owners

At the very least, the owners of Bulletproof Commissions are real people, we know who they are. So there has to be some accountability and credibility.

2. 30 day money back guarantee

This basic refund policy is in place, for people who are dissatisfied with the product.

3. There is some value in the training

Well, if you know nothing about email marketing, sales campaigns, and traffic generation, then you do get to learn some legitimate stuff from here. Though much of these can be found for free all over the internet, if you spend some time to search.


Cons of Bulletproof Commissions

1. Overhyped, it will not start you earning from day 1

Making money online is never that easy and that fast. Anyone who promises you fast, easy money is simply trying to rip you off, it’s as simple as that. Like anything you do in life, it takes hard work to succeed. On the internet, it takes more than hard work: patience, and perseverance. Because barrier to entry is low, everyone is trying to make money online.

Only those who are willing to put in the hard work will make it. And if you don’t hang on long enough, you will tend to give up before you can taste success, which could actually be so near.

Once you find the right path (which is what I am trying to show you here), stick to it, keep your focus, do not be tempted by shiny objects, and you will make it one day.

2. Not for newbies

Email marketing, sales funnels, and paid traffic are not for newbies. When you are newly setting up your online business, just like constructing a house, start with the foundation first, make it strong and able to withstand bad weather. That is what beginning marketers should focus on: building up the content on their website.

And do not let people tell you that you do not need a website to make money online. A website is an online asset, it is your virtual storefront, so you can build your brand around it, and people know where to find you, because you are a legitimate entity. Not just someone floating around the internet without an anchor, spamming social media platforms.

3. Traffic sources not the best

The traffic sources taught in Bulletproof Commissions are not in your best interest. For newbies, the sure way to get traffic and build up your foundation in the process is content, content, and more content. Get the search engines to trust you, and you would have built for yourself a firm grounding, from which you can take your business off to anywhere once you start earning from free organic traffic that is targeted and converts well.

4. Upsells

There are crazy upsells in Bulletproof Commissions, which will be sold aggressively to you once you purchase the front end product, even before you have a chance to try it out, to see if it can get you the earnings from day 1 as promised. This is very typical of digital products that do not care about their users, but how much it can rip off of you.


bulletproof commissions upsells


Upsell 1: $17 – Bulletproof Pro

Upsell 2: $19.95 – Automated affiliate profits

Upsell 3: $197 – Internet marketing traffic mastery

Upsell 4: $197 – live bootcamp

Upsell 5: $197 – reseller rights

Is Bulletproof Commissions Scam or legit? 

To finally answer the question: is Bulletproof Commissions scam, my answer is NO. It is not a scam, as you do get a legitimate product when you pay for it, with the sales campaigns, funnels, and traffic training.


I do not recommend Bulletproof Commissions, because the fast and easy way does not lead to success for your online business.

The proper way to do it is the hard way, if you really want it so badly, you will do this. Do not spend another dollar on empty promises that feed the luxurious lifestyle of people who do not care for anything besides making more money for themselves.

There is a lot of noise on the internet, everyone trying to tell you how to get traffic, how to get sales, how to do your marketing, etc. It is really nothing as complicated as that. The answer to financial freedom is simple, but it requires focus and hard work.

Are you up for it?

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