What is Viral Bucks? Huge SCAM

Viral Bucks Review

You must have seen people placing their referral links all over the internet, from social media to forums and other platforms. Exactly what is Viral Bucks that is promising such huge earnings?

Welcome to my Viral Bucks (ViralBucks.co) review. You have landed at the right place.

Make $10 for every friend that you refer to the site? $52 million paid to over 200K members? Seriously? How could anyone have missed out on this golden opportunity?

You know, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. I will be upfront about this. ViralBucks.co is a scam, that you should not waste your time on.

In this article, I will be exposing all its huge red flags, all screaming at me to NOT trust this brand new site at all.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Viral Bucks Review Summary

Product: Viral Bucks

URL: ViralBucks.co

Creator: Unknown

Product type: SCAM, hiding behind the veil of an influencer network

Price: Free to join

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

Viral Bucks (also known as ViralBuck.co) is another rehash of a scam that has been making its rounds on the internet these recent months. It lures people in with free membership and promises of huge earnings just by referring people and completing simple tasks.


What they want is just your information, which they will make money by selling to third party advertisers. You will not get scammed of your money, but it would be a total waste of your time and effort, ending in lots of frustration.

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Read on for the detailed review of ViralBucks.co, and why I call it scam.

What is Viral Bucks

To find out what is Viral Bucks, let’s first take a look at what they present on their website:

viralbucks home page

It is an influencer network, where you can make $500 today.

Just this statement already makes it sound like a scam. Did they realise this kind of daily earnings actually work out to $15K a month if I were to work on it for 30 days of the whole month?

That’s completely unrealistic.

Get $25 upon signing up, earn $10 to $15 for every friend you refer to the platform. Frankly, having reviewed quite a number of get-paid-to sites with referral schemes, I have never seen such a high rate that is legitimate. So far ALL the platforms I have reviewed that offer such high referral fees are scams.

There is no way they are going to make money for themselves if they pay you such a high rate for referring people.

How you can earn with Viral Bucks

Besides earning with referrals, you can also make money on Viral Bucks by completing some tasks, and testing some of their sponsors’ products in the members’ area.

How do you get paid on Viral Bucks

They claim that you can cash out your earnings through PayPal, CASH app, Western Union, and mailed checks.

How does Viral Bucks work

Supposedly, they make money through companies that place advertisements on their site. The more traffic you bring to their platform, the more they can earn through ads revenue, hence the more they can pay their members.

It all sounds good so far. But you may be shocked by what I will be exposing in the next section:

Huge Red Flags in Viral Bucks

They lie about the year of founding

On their ‘about us’ page, they claim Viral Bucks was founded in 2017. BIG LIE.

viralbucks founded 2017

A simple check on their domain age shows it was newly registered, just a few days ago! On 27th April 2019. What blatant lying!

viralbucks domain

Fake video testimonials

This is a screenshot of their page with video testimonials.

viralbucks testimonials

They are all fake. These are all actors and spokespersons hired from Fiverr:

viralbucks fake testimonial 1

How could they have been earning from Viral Bucks for 3 months, if the site is not even one month old?

The intent to deceive viewers here is strong.

They are not contactable

Usually people who join a get-paid-to platform will not think of testing out their contacts, until they run into some issue, like not getting payments and what not. That is the time many people will then realise what a scam it is, after having wasted weeks and months to try and accumulate their earnings.

So I went around to test it out for you.

I used their contact form to try to ask some questions, I did not hear back from them at all. Emailed, also no respond.

Look at what I found about their contact email address on an email checker:

viralbucks bad email

This looks really dubious!

All their social media buttons link to ViralPay.co

Twitter button goes to ViralPay:

viralbucks twitter viralpay

Instagram button went to ViralPay too, and Pinterest button brought me to Viral Dollars.

Why do they need so many names

These are all sister sites, set up by the same bunch of crooks. A legitimate site would be well-established, instead of hiding behind so many different names, different domains that they can switch around when the reputation of one turns bad.

ViralPay.co is something I have reviewed before, and it has proven itself to be a scam. Look at these reviews from real members, who have not been able to cash out a single cent, after having spent hours and so much effort on it.

viralpay complaint 1
viralpay complaint 2

By the time reviews like these (which are just the tip of the iceberg for ViralPay.co) make their way around the internet, these scammers would have moved their marketing on to other newer sites, like this ViralBucks.co.

So the fact that you are not seeing negative reviews right now does not mean you should trust it. I have showed you the direct relationship they have with a proven scam. ViralWork is another one that I just reviewed, also relatively new. They are all the exact same scheme, given different names.

What Viral Bucks will do when you try to cash out

On the website, they make it sound like you can cash out anytime you need the money. In the members’ area, you will realise it is not true. There will be a minimum amount, which obviously members will try fervently to reach, under the impression that this is such easy money.

When you reach the cash out requirement, they will try to mess around with you some more, to buy time, like get you to take some survey, or tell you to accumulate even more earnings, or bring you in circles to try and find some payment claim form.

When you finally get through to make them process the payment, they then tell you that you are a fraud because all your referrals are not real people. Of course they are lying. And then they proceed to close your account, leaving you boiling and steaming.

What does Viral Bucks get out of wasting your time?

To you, it’s time. To them, it’s money.

Their ultimate motive is to collect as many people’s information as possible, which they achieve just by having people sign up to their platform. Hence the very attractive money they promise you for each referral you bring in.

With the names and email addresses of their members, they can sell these information to third party advertisers, at a very good price because they can show that these people are all interested in making the fast buck out of the internet, which is what all scammy products are going to promise you.

But there are YouTube videos by real people claiming they made money

You will see many of these around, because this is one of the tasks that members can complete to earn more money.

No one would have actually cashed out any money, but they can show you their Viral Bucks dashboard with hundreds of dollars accumulated in there, to try and entice more people to join using their referral links, so they can earn even more.

I believe these YouTube video creators sincerely think this is a genuine opportunity, since it takes time and effort on their part too, to make those videos. They are not out to scam people, they are simply the unknowing pawns of the real crooks behind ViralBucks.co and all the other ‘viral’ schemes.

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Pros of Viral Bucks

There is not a single pro in this. Avoid it like the plague.

Cons of Viral Bucks

1. Huge waste of time and effort

You will be wasting all those time trying to complete the tasks in there, and trying to paste your referral link everywhere to get people onboard the platform.

2. They sell your information

This may not be a very big issue, unless they already have your payment details, then you have to watch out for those accounts, you never know what tricks they have up their sleeves.

Otherwise, it would just be a small inconvenience, to be receiving spam in your email inbox, for promotions and offers that you never opted in for.

3. You may break the trust of people around you

By referring friends and family to the scheme, thinking you can help them to make some money, they would have felt betrayed when they realise this is such an outright scam. I really hope this doesn’t happen to you.

Is Viral Bucks Scam or legit?

ViralBucks.co is a scam, just like these other stuff I had reviewed: Blue Skies Marketing, My Work For Life, and Paidera.com, to name just a few.

Keep Viral Bucks out of your life.


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