What is CashOG? This will SHOCK you

CashOG Review

What is CashOG that is making its rounds all over the internet recently, from social media platforms to forums and what not?

They have even set up a Facebook page for it, so it looks like this is going to hang around a bit longer than the usual scams, since more effort has been invested into this.

Welcome to my CashOG review.

Though it looks legit because of all the payment proof, I am going to show you all the blatant lies on this platform.

Join me in this honest and in-depth review of CashOG as I walk you through all the huge red flags that are waving at you to run as far away from this platform as you possibly can.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now! Review Summary

Product: CashOG


Creator: Unknown

Product type: influencer network

Price: free to join

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT Recommended

CashOG is a data harvesting site, that is only interested in collecting the email contacts of as many people as possible, so that they can be sold at a high price to third party advertisers.

You will never be paid, as you try to refer more people to the platform, because there is no way they can afford to pay you what they promise.

I can show you the proof that they are big liars.

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Read on for the detailed review of, and why I call it scam.

What is CashOG

To find out what is CashOG, let us first take a look at its website.

cashog home page

Proclaiming to be an influencer network, where you are the influencer, you get to earn when people join the platform through your referral link.

Earn $10 to $15 for every friend you invite, this sounds really great and quite unbelievable! Unfortunately, you really should not believe this.

There is even the $25 signup bonus, for doing nothing and paying nothing, simply by signing up, you earn $25.

But where are they supposed to get the money from? There is no way any advertising company can pay them that much.

This is the biggest telling sign that something is not quite right on this platform.

Red flags on CashOG

They lie about how established they are

They claim to have been in the internet marketing industry for a while now, with 300K members who have earned $44 million.

cashog why choose us

But look at this that I found about their domain age:

cashog domain

They are barely one and a half months old, with their domain only very recently registered, on 28 June 2019.

How could they have paid out $44 million to their members when they are less than two months into the business?

Fake video testimonials

Their video testimonials are all fake. Look at this guy who claims that he has made so much money with CashOG.

cashog fake testimonial

He is in fact an actor hired from Fiverr:

cashog fake actor

This is proof that no one is making any money with CashOG. If there were, why do the owners of have to engage actors to give fake testimonials?

The other videos are just women wearing t-shirts with ‘CashOG’ written on them.

cashog videos

I mean, how lame can it get? They never uttered a word, and these actually qualify as video testimonials? It’s appalling, or hilarious, however you want to see it.

Fake payment proof

Next I can show you the evidence that their payment proofs are all fake.

Take a look at this particular one.

cashog fake payment proof

Compare it with this from MVPBucks, another scam website that I exposed.

cashog mvpbucks payment proof

The date, time, and transaction amount are all identical. This is one huge lie.

Fake email contact

It really doesn’t bode well when a company provides an email contact for support or help that does not work at all.

cashog fake email

This just goes to show that they had no intention of letting you get in touch with them, from the onset.

Do not let their Facebook page fool you

Even though they have a Facebook page that looks totally legit, with many likes and all, do not let that fool you.

People tend to believe those payment proofs that had put up on their Facebook page, and hence are liking the page, and trying to encourage others to sign up using their links, in the hope of earning some easy money.

Hence they have garnered quite a crowd.

It will not take long before the scam is exposed, when people try to cash out their earnings, and find that they are not able to do so, whilst their support team can’t be reached.

What exactly does want out of you?

You may be questioning, how does scam people if it is free to join, and they have not asked you for any money?

Well, it does not take money to scam people these days.

Your email address is a data harvesting site, requiring only your email contact, to make money out of it.

That is why they are getting you to do the dirty work for them, by luring you with huge potential earnings so that you refer more people to join their platform.

With the list of members’ contacts, they will then sell it at a high price to third party advertisers, as a targeted audience that is interested in the quick, easy way to make money online.

So you will be receiving lots of spam in your inbox, trying to sell you nonsense similar to CashOG, that promise you the easy, instant cash.

Cashing out will be a futile attempt

And when you try to cash out, you may first be sent around in circles, filling forms, providing more information, or sent to complete some tasks like landing on some dubious sites, clicking on some advertisements, etc.

When you finally get past all these, you may get your account banned, on the lame excuse that your referrals are not real people, so you had violated their terms of service.

When you try to get in touch with support, you may find that they do not respond.

By then, more and more people would have discovered the hard way that they are such a huge scam.

These crooks behind CashOG simply move on to buy a new domain, and carry on scamming other unsuspecting victims who are new to the scene.

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To round up this article, let me recap and summarise the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of CashOG

There is not a single pro for It will do you more harm than good, so please stay as far away as possible.

Cons of CashOG

1. Steals your data

You may find the spams your inbox to be just a minor inconvenience, but the fact remains that they would have sold your contacts without your permission, and that’s just so unethical.

2. You will not be able to cash out

On the dashboard, you may be able to see your earnings increase at an amazing rate, but that is just their trick to make you think that it really works, to motivate you to share your referral link as much as you can.

When it comes time to cash out, you will not find a single soul who is able to respond to your queries.

3. Other dubious activities

These are crooks who dare not show their faces. Since they are hiding, it is not easy for us to tell what they have up their sleeves.

There will be other ways they try to make money off their membership. For instance, they may trick you into clicking on ads, so that they pocket the ad revenue from their advertising network.

Or they could try to use the password that you have used for CashOG, to try it on your other personal accounts like email address, social media accounts, forums, etc. whatever accounts of yours that they could lay their hands on.

So if you had used the same password for CashOG as your other personal accounts, please have those accounts changed to a different one from

4. You may lose the trust of family and friends

People whom you had referred onto the platform, especially family and friends, may lose their trust for you, once they discover the scam that is.

Is Scam or legit? 

CashOG is definitely a scam. It will do you more harm than good, like these other scams:
Cash 4 Kids Club
Notion Cash


The internet is a place abound with vast opportunities, if you know where to look.

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4 thoughts on “What is CashOG? This will SHOCK you”

  1. Thanks, Joo, for reviewing this product. People need to know it’s a scam!
    It’s so disappointing that there are so many of these types of scam online. That’s why it’s so important for people to do their research first.
    I hope that this one doesn’t pull in any more people. Too bad it can’t be reported somewhere, lol.
    There are so many legitimate opportunities out there, great ways to make money online that’s safe and honest.

    • Hi Suzanne,
      Thanks for dropping by, and appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.
      Yes, I really hope this review helps people avoid CashOG.

  2. Wow, this article is indeed an eye-opener. Well done for the background work you did on this topic. Such scams are becoming very coming lately.

    Paying $44 million to customers when you’ve only been in business for less than 2 months should raise eye-brows. Thanks for raising the awareness and bring such a scam to our attention!


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